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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Technically, we've already done that twice. They bill the Tower of the Americas as being 750 feet and that the observation deck is at 75-stories. But the roof of the tower is at 622 feet, and the observation deck is at 560 feet. Only the antenna goes up to 750 feet. The main roof of the Austonian, which includes a non-public outdoor observation deck, is 75 feet higher than the observation deck of the Tower of the Americas at 635 feet, a full 13 feet higher than the roof of the tower.

And actually, the FCC registration for the antenna atop the Tower of the Americas listed it as 729 feet the last time I checked. I don't know if they've added to it since then. And I don't know why they've billed it as 750 feet all along. Maybe they dismantled part of it or were rounding up or measuring from some low point in the plaza around the tower.

Still, I love the Tower of the Americas, and I consider it to be one of the things San Antonio has that I wish Austin did also. I still try to visit it every time I'm in San Antonio. I don't even care if Austin has taller buildings than the tower. I still view the Tower of the Americas in a special way.
That's funny. I have an intense dislike for the Tower of the Americas. It looks like an air traffic control tower. Ugly as sin. It's a shame San Antonio has not updated/modernized its outer shell, at least.
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