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Those Detroit figures are completely backward precisely because they are called a 'Motor City', when the current economy goes so diverse that it gets the establishment itself completely freaked out.

Just listen to their news. They would tell you about "n'importe quoi" (totally silly things), like robots and AI would get your butt unemployed while we've never seen anything like it so far.
At least, not on the short term and as far as AI goes, I doubt it would ever be the case, because most programers and matheticians who master it are gifted with some real ethics and would never kill humans.
I said it already, South Korea and Germany are the most robotized developed societies, and humans are doing rather fine in both countries.
Not all of us are Google with any creepy "human enhancement" plan - that would go to the rich exclusively, guys, not to you - or any nasty monopoly of that kind, thankfully.

Just every single city of the Western world has to go diverse, flexible and skilled in every respect, or it dies.
That's just all I read in our media specialized in the global economy.
Les extrémistes de tout bord, politique ou religieux sont dépourvus de surmoi. Tels des psychopathes et des bigots abrutis, ils vivent dans la défiance et l'endoctrinement systématiques et malveillants, à l'étroit dans leurs petites têtes trop faciles à remplir. Ils ne savent que se regarder le nombril et dire - et moi ?! et moi ?! et moi?!
Ils sont tout ce qu'il y a de plus médiocre et nuisible...
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