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Saffron square 136m uc
Taberner house 127m uc
101 george street 102m uc
Taberner house tower two 21fl uc
Taberner house tower three 17fl uc
Ruskin square 25fl uc
Ruskin square tower two 22fl uc
Ruskin square tower three 20fl uc
Ruskin square tower four 17fl uc
Ruskin square tower five 14fl uc
Morello tower two 22fl uc
Morello tower three 20fl uc
Morello tower four 20fl uc
Fairford cultural quarter 21fl uc
IYLO island 20fl uc
One landsdowne 236m prep
One landsdowne tower two 129m prep
Morello tower 173m prep
Nestle tower 95m prep
Rudolph judd 140m app
College road 135m app
Croydon vocational tower 135m app
100 george street 120m app
102 george street 103m app
102 george street tower two 65m app
St georges house 102m app
Darling tower 37fl app
Croydon station tower 30fl app
Croydon station tower two 30fl app
Cambridge house 26fl app
St michaels house 25fl app
St michaels house tower two 21fl app
The edridge 23fl app
Sorting office tower 19fl app
Mosiac place 17fl app
9-12 the dingwall 145m pro
Westfield croydon tower 136m pro
Westfield croydon tower two 104m pro
Westfield croydon tower three 104m pro
Essex house 44fl pro
Essex house tower two 38fl pro
104 george street 40fl pro
104 george street tower two 30fl pro
Canterbury house 116m pro
Mondial house 112m pro
West croydon tower 105m pro
Westfield tower 100m pro
Westfield tower two 100m pro
Westfield tower three 100m pro
Westfield tower four 100m pro
Morello tower four 25fl pro
Morello tower five 25fl pro
Carolyn house 22fl pro
Galaxy house 19fl pro
Galaxy house tower two 15fl pro
Impact house 19fl pro
Palmerston house 18fl pro
Palmerston house tower two 16fl pro
Purley tower 16fl pro
Croydon cbd tower 100m+ pro
Croydon cbd tower two 100m+ pro
Croydon cbd tower three 100m+ pro
Croydon cbd tower four 100m+ pro
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