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Originally Posted by Duck From NY View Post
Exactly! People don't realize what we're losing over-all in the course of a few decades.

I'm not sure I agree about future vacancies, though. I know that a lot of businesses are looking for more-modern office-space for tech reasons. If there's a huge swatch of vacancies in the future, I would imagine they would be in older buildings.
I'm a little concerned that with the recent swaths of supertalls being proposed on Park Avenue and the West Side/Hudson Yards, not to mention WTC 2 and 3, that they might end up demolishing the current buildings and only then realize that the market is going to be swamped for a time and leave us a nice big empty hole for years to come. I know that NYC is somewhat of an island when it comes to the country's economy, but things still aren't looking so hot and I'd be very surprised to see all of these 1400+ foot tall towers go up.