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I think it's phenomenal. Futuristic without being gaudy (I love the Sydney Opera House, but it would be so easy to build a cheesy piece of crap in reaching for that kind of iconic design). The "portal" looking out onto the bridge is breathtaking and the public spaces are going to make it stand above most comparable arenas. Can't wait to take a ferry from the north bay directly to a game.

I'm curious about just how transparent the glass shell is intended to be. In several renders, it looks almost like it's shrouded in aluminum, but my gut tells me (and would prefer it if) it's going to be clearer than that. Between the glass and the Bay Light-style LED displays, this thing is going to look otherwordly, with people standing on starlit beams of glass.

Also, ByTheBay's notion of incorporating some version of the X-bracing found on Oracle and the Bay Bridge makes me think of the update of Pauley Pavillion on UCLA's campus -- they took the original inverted-pyramid exterior design (which also had X-braces coincidentally) and incorporated it into the interior of a new concourse. Love it when new and renovated buildings tip their hats to their predecessors. That kind of bracing doesn't really seem to be part of Snohetta's aesthetic, but I wouldn't object at all.

Anyway, I'm glad the developers have taken the community's input into consideration, rather than trying to stonewall the "NIMBYs" in the neighborhood. People do live and work there, and their concerns are genuine, so it's nice to see a real dialogue between parties. If this gets built (and the America's Cup Pavilion doesn't turn out terribly), this stretch of SOMA is going to be one of the premiere sporting and event destinations in the world.
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