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This just came to me, the current x pattern design of Oracle Arena kind of echoes the x pattern of the Bay Bridge. I think it would've been cool if they were to incorporate something like that in a contemporary way towards the new Warriors arena but that just might seem a little redundant. Nonetheless, I think the design of the new arena is a bit conservative, a location like this presents an opportunity to come up with something that should come close to rivaling the Sydney Opera House but that would require a lot of risk taking and that's asking a lot for an architecturally conservative city like San Francisco. I think the new renderings for the future Atlanta Falcons Stadium would be a good example, but I'm just glad the city is even embracing building an arena so i won't complain. Fortunately (or unfortunately) not a lot of arenas in the league have pushed the envelope so this one looks as nice as any other NBA arena right now, although I agree that it looks an awful lot like American Airlines Arena (in a similar setting as well) so that takes away a lot of originality points, but overall in context, it's a very good design and a great addition to the city.
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