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In the UK at least Super commuters have to be on decent wages to afford the high cost of long distance commuter season tickets. The trade of on a train for more than hour on a high speed express is that for the price of so so flat in the suburbs of London they can get nice suburban home in some small town a long way from London. At the upper end of the scale they locate their family in some deeply attractive market town that's a couple of hours from London where they can something quite large for under a million, and often buy a studio in London, and then work 1 or 2 days a week from home. Some people for go this a studio's in inner London are no longer cheap and just put up with 2 hour commute three days a week. There has been a noticeable shift in passenger levels into London as Fridays and Mondays now have noticeably quieter trains. Tuesday to Thursdays are now the preferred days for meetings in London.
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