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Originally Posted by john_mclark View Post
hey decoJim if you don't mind me asking, but how much have you invested in you lego towers? I ask becasue i hope to build my own lego skyscraper someday.
I put all the receipts into a shoebox and never added them up. I can give you a few estimates however:
1. Fisher Building: $2,500+
2. David Stott: $ 1,500+
3. Penobscot: $ 2,000+
(I know, you are all thinking that I am crazy!)

I have also earned some of this money back by selling excess Lego through my store on and by helping to build a commissioned Lego sculpture.

My advice would be to be on the lookout for clearance sales. To get started on the Fisher Building, I purchased 133 basic 500 peice buckets at (several) Meijers when they had a clearance at $7.26 each. There have been fewer sales lately so Bricklink or eBay is probably your best bet if you want to get started accumulating parts now. If you want to build a large structure, you might want to do a white building for your first skyscraper as it is the cheapest (reasonably) realistic color. Of the three buildings above, the David Stott used many fewer parts but was almost expensive since the dark organge color costs about three times as much as white.
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