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Thanks, ns_kid. I was finally able to read the article by accessing it on a different computer. I probably could have just cleared the cookies from my browser, but I tried the other computer first.

In reading about the compassion shown by Boston to dispatch aid immediately, I'm reminded of the stories from my Grandmother and how much that aid was appreciated by the survivors of the explosion. It went over and above medical aid as well - she and her family basically lost everything except their lives in the explosion, yet I recall her telling me that some of the furniture in her house (I recall a nice hutch, but there were other items) was supplied by the relief efforts to help people rebuild their lives. When you have lost everything, these bright spots of generosity and empathy help to give you the strength needed to get through the toughest of times.

The acts of kindness are significant and need to be remembered for their importance. In these days of political nastiness and arguing over minutia on the internet, it's easy to forget some days that kindness and compassion are what connects us as a society, and reading about how Halifax recovered from this disaster mostly through these acts of kindness is a good reminder for all of us. Hopefully Beirut will experience a similar resurgence.
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