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House for Søgne, Norway.

This was supposed to be part of a competition from SSC. To design a house for a wooden area in Sogne, Norway. The competition seems to have died, but I kept on and my design is nearly finished.

Anyone who wants to see the original thread of the competition

so at first I did some previews of the terrain area
previews of the terrain area...

"So son, here we are. The area where we will build our new house, on that clearing at the end of the cobblestones road"

"I already had some workers clearing the area. We will soon start to build."

"Dad, maybe we should chop down some of these pines to better enjoy the view."

"It´s close to the neighborhood but isolated enough in the middle of the woods so our nosy neighbors won´t bother as our family practices our ancestral art of viking nudism."
Easy, Tychus. This ain´t science fiction
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