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543 2nd Avenue

DOB filings indicate the 12-story building will have 1,540 square feet of ground-floor retail, with an additional 17,127 square feet of residential space divided between 18 units.

Aesthetically, the project will be a relatively simple glass box; though the design is rather banal, the location would be atypical for something that’s genuinely appealing. The surrounding neighborhood is dominated by post-war architectural malaise, including large, tower in the park-style complexes; a smattering of pre-war buildings also exist, though many have been stripped of ornamentation over the years, lingering on as nearly-blighted remnants of times gone by.

Without substantial air rights, the scope of 543 2nd Avenue will relegate the structure to ‘filler’ status. At the very least, the envelope is flush with adjacent sidewalks, and street-front retail will add to the pedestrian sphere; the project’s impact on the neighborhood will be a net positive.
No completion date for 543 2nd Avenue has been announced.
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