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^ But central Paris is something of a museum city. It shouldn't be any other way. Large swathes of London, included part of central London (especially the City), were bombed in WWII, then redeveloped cheaply and badly in 50s and 60s, and those sites are now being redeveloped again to a higher standard. This is not the case in Paris or even the West End/Westminster in London. Those areas should remain generally protected from development aside from the small number of sites already occuppied my modern buildings (also excepting redevelopment behind existing facades which is fine imo). And when I accuse Paris of being a museum city I'm talking about its lifestyle as much as its buildings. I reckon London must open about 10 new restaurants for every one that opens in Paris. There's a lot more nightlife in central London too. The Parisian lifestyle is much more traditional than London's.
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