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Originally Posted by Eightball View Post
My wife's parents are Indian (she was born in the US) and though they live in the US they still have a large flat in Neriman Point in Mumbai and several commercial buildings there. India is an awesome place (I've visited twice) but real estate there is very expensive for nice neighborhoods, like 1500 a sq ft or more to purchase a flat. And unless you know somebody in appropriate places I doubt you would find a decent job. But I could be wrong there, never looked myself, but that's what many Indians have told me. Do you speak Hindi? Many Indians speak English, of course, but you would need to speak Hindi (and, ideally, other languages as well) to live there.

I will say you can hire live in help/servants (their term, not mine) for very cheap, like $200 or $300 a month per person. Anybody middle class or higher does - although this can get kind of expensive once you have a separate cook, someone to clean your house daily, and a driver (it's also customary that you take care of their family wherever they are from).

I would visit the country before you move there.
I know some Indian colleagues from my local university, and none of them wants to move back. The reason is simple: too dirty and too many people, i.e. too crowded. They say that air quality in Indian cities is actually worse than in Chinese cities. I just don't see anyone moving to India, especially from the U.S./ Western Europe.
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