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Originally Posted by Buffaboy View Post
Yes, I found this thread through Google. A lot of people are not happy with what is going on at SSC because of the ham-fisted switch to XenForo and the cookie cutter forum template being used. I advocated for the switchover before the current owners took over, but everyone knows that you can't run a XenForo forum vanilla and expect to have similar functionality as vBulletin. Now they have a confused user base and refuse to listen to them. With the Alexa ranking dropping for the forum, I wouldn't be surprised if some users migrate here honestly.
Originally Posted by Stan31 View Post
By the looks of things SSC is on its way out, it's revolting.
Originally Posted by A Chicagoan View Post
Yes, it is revolting. I can't tell yet if it's going to be on SSP or a whole new site, but the SSC community is leaving SSC, and the migration seems to be inevitable at this stage.
I've ventured back there a few times, but get a virus warning each time. Combined with various other intrusions/clutter, the new format is awful IMO. After posting there for almost 20 years, it really does seem like the end of a once great site.

Thankfully we have SSP here, which I hope never goes down the same route.
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