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Originally Posted by AviationGuy View Post
I think we have ordinances in Austin regarding the boom cars, but it's not enforced. It's all over. If one is several streets over in a neighborhood, everyone hears it.
When I moved to Tucson a year ago, I decided to explore the new gentrified downtown area. I wasn't there but an hour and due to the loud, thumping boom cars going down Congress Street, I left. Yup! They build all these new apartment buildings downtown, and don't these people have to go to work in the morning and get a good night's sleep?

Outraged, I did an email campaign to the Tucson City Council members, the Mayor and the Pima County Supervisors, relating to them what other cities have done to crack down on these Noise Terrorists. NoiseFreeAmerica does their Noisy City Awards, occasionally, and I threatened to inform this organization of the unwarranted noise in downtown Tucson.

Apparently, the Mayor sent my email to a Police Captain, and he called me and, unbelievable, I had to tell him there was a $100 fine for loud, thumping boom cars. Fines double with each offense. So, he invited me to return to downtown Tucson the next weekend to see the changes. I didn't return for 6 months later and I have to admit my email campaign was a success.

I talked to an old-timer here about this issue, and he said that way back when, police cars had decimeters in their vehicles to detect unwarranted noise. In Las Vegas, so as not to scare off the tourists/conventioneers with boom cars going up and down the Strip, they have one vehicle with decimeters that patrols the Strip for boom cars.

Given that Tucson has the worst city streets in the nation, I told them in my email, if you're looking for road money, to jack those fines up for boom cars to $1-2000 and you'll get your road money.

By the way, you can buy a decimeter for about $40.
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