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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
Yeah, the police here in America using radar to fine people for loud music isn't going to work. It may be a law on the book, but it won't be widely enforced. It will be turned into a "racially charged law" or whatever else the media will think up.
If the fines are lucrative enough, like with DUI's, they'll go for it! Here, in Tucson the fine for a loud stereo in your car is only $100, and 2nd offense, it doubles to $200, then doubles to $400 for a 3rd offense.

Yes, high rise living, way up, has its advantages, besides the views. I lived on the 38th floor of a high rise in Minneapolis, and with windows closed, you couldn't even hear a siren or firecracker. Far more quiet than being out in the country.

When I moved to my current place in Tucson, walking distance to the Emergency Room at Tucson Medical Center, I thought what a big plus that was, until I started hearing the Emergency Helicopters flying over my community, day and night!
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