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Originally Posted by mhays View Post
With the new late-2021 target, the owner and contractor split.

I don't know why they split...based on how these things typically work, it could have been anything from the contract and price to personalities and work styles to differing reactions to the new team start.
Mortenson seems to be building their reputation as being a contractor that is capable of setting and keeping tight schedules for sports venues (U.S Bank Stadium/Raiders Stadium/Chase Center) so that would be my guess as to why they switched

OVG construction executive Ken Johnsen, brought on in early November to review progress on the renovation plans, has spoken with general contractor Skanska Hunt to see whether it is indeed confident it can meet what’s still an aggressive completion timeline. If not, OVG would opt to go with Kirkland-based M.A. Mortenson Co. once hard construction begins as scheduled next month.

So I guess Skanska/Hunt wasn't confident with the schedule... man Skanska/Hunt just seem to be unlucky as a duo... first WSCC now this
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