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Umm, excuse me? What personal hang ups might that be, because you seem to know something about myself that I don't? What personal hang ups might I have from suggestion something other than DSLRs? I think you need to calm down a bit, there was nothing harsh or over the top about my post.

Yes, DSLRs are great, if you read my last post, I already mentioned that. The whole point was to show there are other options. Often people just go straight for the DSLR because it is a "serious-looking" camera and many people (particularly the gear-centric, not really anyone on this forum that I can recall) do think less of those who take photos with a mere Canon point and shoot or Micro 4/3rds.

Near everybody on this thread has recommended DSLRs, the point of my post was to give other options that may or may not work better due to cost, size, etc.

Extracting from bulliver's post:
Bottom line: If you are interested in photography, and want to learn and develop your skills, get a DSLR.
That isn't exactly, "DSLRs are for serious photography" but it carries a very similar message. If you are interested in photography, learn and develop your skills, DSLRs are but one, albeit very popular, way to do it. Any camera with manual settings and decent image quality will allow yyou to learn and develop skills, really. Interchangeable lenses are also a nice touch and are not exclusive to DSLRs.
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