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Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up on all the projects under construction, estimated time of completion, and projects next in line.

Under construction:

-Pierpont International Airport (3 weeks)
-Art Deco Tower (1 week)
-Capitol Building (3 weeks)
-Office Tower (3 weeks)
-Residential tower (4 weeks)
-Convention Center (3 weeks)
-Road Layout (5 weeks+)
-Plazas and pedestrian cores (4 weeks)

Projects after above are completed...

-Redoing textures on all current buildings
-Downtown Riverwalk
-Low and Mid-rise blocks
-Generic buildings
-University of Pierpont
-Landmarks (undecided)

Here is the art-deco tower that I showed a page or two back, and what I've completed since then. I'll hopefully finish it by the end of the week. The reason the completion times are so long is because I'm currently working on everything a little bit at a time, instead of seperately and all at once. Not sure if that's the most efficient method of working, but it's what my inspiration dictates.

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