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Originally Posted by Samwill89 View Post
As an out-of-towner, I agree with you. I will even say that Houston is a very successful urban area in terms of its "urbanity" in many areas (that would be larger than Boston or San Fran in square mileage).

I notice cities like Atlanta, Houston and Austin topping several positive lists that deal with the social qualities that matter. Their positives far outweigh their negatives, which is why millions are moving to those places while other areas barely grow (or even decrease in population).

Many may not like it, but the Sunbelt is the economic and social future of this country.
I'm not quite sure what lists you are referring to, but I suggest you take some time to read about both the environmental and economic costs of sprawl. It is unsustainable. If you think that communities that have developed in areas with questionable water resources currently - not considering drought cycles and projected impacts of global warming are both the social and economic future of this country you are sorely mistaken. In addition, the cost of transport both product and personal will have its greatest impact on communities that have followed the outdated model of development you've suggested. People aren't necessarily moving to any of these places because they're wonderful. They are moving for real or perceived economic reasons - and that economy is changing.
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