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This comment isn't really aimed at this tower specifically, but I've become bored of super tall towers that have no design basically. All they are is a super tall rod. Where's the architecture in that? Where's the design? I realize of course that if a building is super tall, say 2000 feet or more, then why worry with much detail? I can certainly understand that for the building's facade, but still, give us something that has some shape to it and actually has presence on the skyline that distinguishes it from other towers so that people can say something about its design other than, "It's the pointy one."

And yes, I understand that only certain shapes work at certain heights, so it's not always an architectural reason for their blandness, but an engineering one, which in some cases can't be avoided. But I've seen a certain pattern develop with these types of projects. I hope they branch out a little more to make them more interesting. This is where I applaud Burj Dubai, since it's not merely a super tall broomstick.
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