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Seems far more like a vision to me than a serious proposal. Isn't this part of Kind Abdullah Economic City? I don't recall the plan ever calling for a building even remotely as tall as this.

Also.. it says it will use a heliostat (I am assuming they intend to use it for lighting), which typically is barely capable of bringing light down more than about 15-20 floors at maximum in a tower 1,600 METERS tall.. a laughable concept at best. I'd also like to point out that tooling in photoshop for a few seconds.. the tower in that rendering has a height ratio of over FIFTEEN TO ONE... almost DOUBLE what is considered the UPPER END of what is economically feasible for a supertall building (Note: I didn't say it was impossible to build). This sounds more like they were doing some feasibility studies to me, which have many obvious non-feasible components...

The tower in that sketch reminds me of the proposal for Samsung Togok Tower, but morbidly tall

I am gonna go out on a limb and say this will not be built AND is not a serious proposal.
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