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Originally Posted by tworivers View Post
True fact: this was my project in, I believe, 2007 ('09?) when I took the PBOT/PSU "Traffic & Transportation" class. My class partner and I were chosen to present it to Sam Adams at the end of the semester and it was featured on Chris Smith's blog. That was back in the days when I was excited about bicycle advocacy, back when I was drinking the city's "10-minute-neighborhood" kool-aid and occasionally had optimistic thoughts about the future; now, like so many others, I ride only occasionally, especially with it not feeling particularly safe karting my 4-yr-old around. These days I just hop in the car and drive toward the cliff that awaits us all.
Just think, while biking might not be beneficial for you right now with a toddler, which as a dad of a 2.5yr old toddler, I fully understand. There is someone out there without a kid in tow that will benefit from this greatly, and there is still future you that might want to return to biking when commuting.
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