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Originally Posted by Submariner View Post
The only problem is, the Jamaica subway platform is a s**thole.

It would be interesting if they could have Air Train cars that ran on existing subway lines from GCT or Penn to Jamaica Station and from there, continue service along the elevate portion as normal. There should be a quick, no-transfer way to get from JFK to Manhattan. Many cities (especially in Asia) are doing this and it's quite a nice experience. Naturally, there are logistics I am not considering (or don't even understand) but it would probably be much cheaper than say, building a dedicated link from Manhattan to JFK.

The other thing to consider is that many foreign travelers are accustomed to (or might desire) a better link between JFK and Manhattan. It would be a selling point for some companies to advertise "quick, simple, direct" transportation from JFK to Manhattan, especially on a dedicate train that is a bit nicer than a typical subway car.
The AirTrain ROW was designed to be compatible with a to be built hybrid car that would be compatible with LIRR. Designing such a car and doing the ROW work to connect both airports to the LIRR would cost a pretty penny that neither the MTA or the PA remotely wants to part with.

Given the demands already upon NYCT, dedicated subway trains (of questionable practicality) are pretty much a non-starter. LIRR will have lots of frequency out of both sides of midtown when the ESA opens. I'd prefer the PA generally focus on rebuilding it's dilapidated airports and doing so quickly.

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