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Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
Yup. I'm completely with you on this and I think we can attribute it to the fact that there may not be a high enough percentage of sports addicts in San Francisco (as opposed to the Bay Area) to countenance public funding. Recall that a public funding scheme was voted on for the Giants ballpark and it failed so they eventually went to mostly private financing ("mostly" because the land was donated by the city but not the building costs as I recall). The 49ers, on the other hand, were so determined to pick the public pocket they just left town when they couldn't get SF to hand them money.

Actually SF voters narrowly passed twin bond measures for $100 million towards a new $525 million 49ers stadium-mall complex back in 1997. It was former owner Eddie DeBartolo's involvement in a Louisiana gambling boat scandal that derailed that SF stadium effort as he was forced to give up his ownership role with the team and the new stadium plan soon went down with him.
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