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I actually like the General Growth building, but this proposal seems like a great replacement. I like the riverwalk, too, maybe it'll encourage the buildings north of Randolph to open up their private ones. I wonder if there's any way they could be connected through/around the bridgehouses. I actually had totally forgotten that there was a tiny patch of riverwalk (or riverside patios, basically) north of Randolph. I wonder if they'll keep the riverwalk at street level or at the lower level. Looks like street level in the image, but not exactly perfectly clear.

Originally Posted by cyked3 View Post
I don't understand how a 52 story office tower will be 800 feet tall. 300 N. LaSalle has 60 stories and is 785 feet. Have floor heights gone up by that much?
I wonder where they measure the height from? Lower Wacker? Upper Wacker? River level? This does have a really tall lobby.
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