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Originally Posted by artspook View Post
2nd impression (about 8hrs later) of this newest version of 45 Broad . .
it's percolated a bit . . and I do agree . .
that It's much better than the 2 examples we could've gotten . .
as posted by NYguy yesterday morning . .
I dig that a lot of you guys are comin' round to the idea of crown "distinctiveness" . .
and what Wiggleworth has to say about groovin' on the "dark side of Gotham" . .
also Chris's "wicked-lookin" vibe thing . . I so get that . .

That expression of fierce enigmatic mysteriousness is what I call "SpooK" . .
One gets a visceral gratification of intense awe & respect . .
in response to a work of art (music architecture fashion natural phenomenon) . .
because the piece oozes an almost dangerously exciting Presence . .
in features conveying a strong otherworldly attitude of excellence presiding . .
jagged Verre & barbaric Beresford have that . . 45 Broad - more than a smidgeon . .

as well as a wonderfully odd funky quirkiness I suppose . . if there are fine points . .
I'd love it if the crown were more resolute less prissy . . (show me clear details)
I'd prefer the curlicue lace in the middle to be rigorous angular truss-work . .
& if it were less Trumpy Gold . . Rusted corTen steel would be my choice . .
so my curiosity is piqued . .
Holy shit you nailed it with this response. Although, I'm a bit fan of the gold. 111w 57th will compliment this building well over in midtown.
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