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Originally Posted by Skydragon42 View Post
How do you get the edges to be so nice looking? In many of my pictures, theres an odd whiteness showing!
I use fog and shadows. I found that these parameters can add a lot of depth.

For shadow settings, you can set time of day, time of year, as well as light and dark settings.

For fog settings, I like to adjust the fog so the scene fades out before you can see the undeveloped part of the city. You can also set the color.

For each scene, I adjust the fog and shadow settings.

When editing, I turn off shadows since it slows things down.

Originally Posted by Skydragon42 View Post
I really wish this forum was more active! I don't post new pictures of my city as the whole thread would just be my posts!
There seems to be some activity as far as viewing goes; there is just very little posting.
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