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Apropos of this map from the e_r's post, Savoy Street near the right margin definitely merits a look-in, the next time you're in the area--or even using Bing or Google Maps if you're not. This midget street still boasts a number of houses from before 1900, along with others that aren't all that much more recent in origin. Here are a few of them:

(ETA: Bing Maps, which is obvious to everyone but I want to observe the rule about photo citations. Unfortunately, I don't have the full URL.)

It really does seem like stepping into a truly forgotten corner of the city. It's amazing to think that people lived around here 120 years ago, in some of these same houses, and had to decide whether to walk downtown, get out the horse and gig, or maybe take the streetcar.

Not visible here, but just about even with where the camera would be, and to the right, is a house with a high front porch which, when I drove it some time past, had several ancient lounge chairs lined up on it. I couldn't help but think of old fashioned "rest homes" and such, as they are portrayed in films like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. However, I should mention that the house in question seems much too small for that, unless it's like a board and care facility.

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I was wondering whatever happened to the Jewish Cemetery.

Here it is listed as "Hebrew Cemetery" on a map dated 1897.
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