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Moon Over Miami Club, 13333 1/2 Ventura Blvd

Originally Posted by Wig-Wag View Post

I've only ever seen telephone numbers like this: CRestview and HOllywood. From the looks of it, I guess SFV phone number were listed differently than LA County...?

Unfortunately, I don't have any more info on this club than what I've already included in my original post. The query came from someone who is trying to piece together her grandmother's life on very few details. Although I'd never heard of this "Moon Over Miami" place, but had dining and swimming and dancing and riding going on, so I figured it must have been fairly sizable, and was surprised I hadn't come across it before, especially as I live in the area. She also sent me an item from a Louella Parsons column, so this place must have been popular enough to blip on her horizon. I also posted in San Fernando Relics page on FB but nobody had anything to contribute either.
I just went back to the woman who queried me originally, and she said:

To the best of my calculations, the very end of the 1920s (maybe), through the 1930s(almost completely positive) and perhaps continuing into the early 1940s (moderately likely)

Back in the 20s and 30s, there wouldn’t have been much around that part of Ventura Blvd. Most of that land was orchards, right? So I’d have thought that a club - really, it sounds more like a resort - would have really stood out.
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