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Leopard swim suits....

[QUOTE=Albany NY;6484342]
Originally Posted by FredH View Post
It is a gathering of the Signal Oil Tarzan Club

What a great shot, FredH! Good kids excited over a wholesome hero (and free stuff). Sad that the Signal station is now a Liquor store. And Tarzan is nowhere to be seen. The building across the street is still there, though. It looks like it has been well cared for over the years. Curious why the signs were blacked-out on the original photo.

Imagine what would happen these days if a stranger tried to give a kid a free popsicle!
Here we see members of the kids Tarzan Club standing in the street in front of Bards movie theater in Pasadena. Evidently part of the club fun was to wear your skimpy Tarzan costume.

This theater later became the Academy Theater where I was a doorman in 1960-61.

Signal Oil 1933

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