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Originally Posted by tech12 View Post
I dunno. Multiple recent polls show that over 60% of SF residents are in favor of the arena getting built at pier 30/32. Of course there's still plenty of time for the NIMBY propaganda machine to go into overdrive and suck more supporters in, and there's the problem of most people not bothering to vote in SF (while the NIMBYs always vote)...but then there's also the whole thing about local voters restricting height limits on public/state waterfront land being potentially illegal--and again, over 60% of the city does support it as is. So I think there's a decent chance it will be built.

But maybe the Warriors will find a good spot in Oakland and end up building a new arena there instead of dealing with all this crap in SF. And now I'm having deja-vu...I swear i had a dream years ago where that exact thing happened.
I don't think the polling is indicative of how a ballot measure would turn out. The waterfront project near Embarcadero probably had majority support if you took a poll of SF residents, but lost by a margin when people were asked to affirmatively vote on the issue.

The problem is while most ppl think these projects are generally desirable, only a small % of them actually care enough to come out and vote. The attitude is one of "good if it happens, but doesn't really affect me if it doesn't, so why bother voting." By comparison, a much larger % of those who oppose projects feel strongly enough to go out of their way to vote down the project. The attitude here is "sucks for me if it happens, so it I will vote it down for sure."
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