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Originally Posted by fenwick16 View Post
Councillor Sloane was instrumental in decreasing building heights in the HRM by Design. Based on reading through the HRM minutes, Councillor Sloane votes against almost all high rise developments. Just stating the facts.

It is one thing to be diplomatic, but I think that we should state things the way that they really are.
I wasn't trying to be diplomatic; I was taking a guess.
I don't monitor council's votes or check minutes regularly and if she wants to vote stuff down; well...she can (like anyone else can on council). They all have their reasons for voting as they do.

Ultimately - if growth comes to Halifax; the issue of who voted down what won't really matter; nor will the heights on HbD. If the market forces demand more office/retail or residential in downtown - then they will force the issue on council.

Besides; isn't there an election coming?
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