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Provide the spaces and make it easy and it is amazing how some people will choose to bike for their commute.
I am amazed for example that even now in the winter, how many bikes are parked at my local commuter rail station. Since they put in the bike parking, a number of people now bike to the rail station.

As a bike rider, I have to say that I do not commute to work by bike(although that could change as I am now a 15 min bike ride from work, and I do not have to wear a suit). However I do use my bike sometimes for small errands, such as going to the bank, or going to a friends house who lives like a 10 min bike ride away. Or I even will bike ride up to the restaurant, to have a drink with friends.

So biking is not all about commuting to the office. Over half of our daily trips are not work related, and for many a bike could work, as our non-work trips tend to be very very close to home.
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