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Originally Posted by Evergrey View Post
I STRONGLY disagree with this... this is one of those yinzer stereotypes about Pittsburgh... all we eat is chipped ham and Primanti's sandwiches... I've never even seen f#*king chipped ham... Stamooli Brothers, Pennsylvania Macaroni Co., Sunseri, and the many other markets in the Strip District is one huge example demonstrating that food is an integral part of the Pittsburgh experience. If you live here in the city of Pittsburgh... you know you can't walk 2 minutes without running into great food... it's not 1985 anymore.

As for Mellon Arena... destroy it... save a slice of it for some museum... reconnect the street grid from the Hill District to Downtown... and put some dense mixed-use development on the 28 acres that are now occupied by this gigantic architectural anachronism and its associated parking lots.

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Any article on Pittsburgh that I come across that mentions food, mentions chipped ham and Primantis. I've never had either and have no intention of starting now--I was merely saying that that is the image of Pittburgh cuisine.

That being said, I have to really disagree with you about the quality of food in Pittsburgh. It is not up to snuff. I love the Strip, and there are several places in town I really like, but the restaurant scene is very poor compared to cities of similar size. In my several, recent one-week trips to Pittsburgh I cannot say I found a memorable meal. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I thought the same thing (my family is in the restaurant business, so I look for these things). I hate Atlanta with every fiber of my being, but I can't fault the place for its restaurants.
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