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Updated 10/02/2008 09:06 PM
MTA Unveils Full-Length Subway Ads

Subway advertising has become larger than life.

The cash-strapped MTA unveiled plans at Grand Central Station to wrap subway cars in paid advertisements.

The first project calls for three Times Square Shuttles to be fully covered with vinyl ads promoting the History Channel's "Cities of the Underworld."

The MTA said the move is necessary to help reduce its $900 million dollar budget deficit.

"We are already anticipating that we will be able to increase our revenue to $125 million, that's our plan," said MTA Executive Director and CEO Elliott Sanders. "And then if this goes well, we think there's a potential to do another 125 percent on top of that."

The MTA said it plans to generate millions of dollars by selling advertising packages that include digital ads and stand-alone displays inside subway stations.

If successful, the agency plans to expand the program to city buses.
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