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MAPS: The Richest, The Best and the Most Popular of each State

Let's have fun with Maps...

You may find some of these to be surprising or not -- either way, enjoy.

Kicking things off is a map of the richest person(s) in each State in 2017

Image Source: &

This map is of the best selling artist(s) by state of birth/origin as of 2017

Image Source:

Most popular music genre by state in 2015

Image Source:

Most popular fast food restaurants in each state

Image Source: based on an article from the Business Insider

What each state hates the most lol

Image Source:

Most popular reality tv show by state

Image Source: based on Google Trends mined by

Mixcloud's most popular genre in each state in 2017

Image Source:

1. Alabama: Club

2. Alaska: Trance

3. Arizona: Rock

4. Arkansas: Tribal House

5. California: Reggae

6. Colorado: Chillout

7. Connecticut: Drum & Bass

8. Delaware: Dance

9. Florida: Deep House

10. Georgia: House

11. Hawaii: Tropical House

12. Idaho: Hip Hop

13. Illinois: Bass

14. Indiana: Jazzy House

15. Iowa: Deep House

16. Kansas: Ambient

17. Kentucky: Melodic Rock

18. Louisiana: Ambient

19. Maine: EDM

20. Maryland: House

21. Massachusetts: R&B

22. Michigan: Alternative

23. Minnesota: Hip Hop

24. Mississippi: Rock

25. Missouri: EDM

26. Montana: Deep House

27. Nebraska: Hip Hop

28. Nevada: Trap

29. New Hampshire: Hip Hop

30. New Jersey: Hip Hop

31. New Mexico: Tribal House

32. New York: Hip Hop

33. North Carolina: R&B

34. North Dakota: Deep House

35. Ohio: Trap

36. Oklahoma: Ambient

37. Oregon: Indie

38. Pennsylvania: Bass

39. Rhode Island: House

40. South Carolina: Industrial

41. South Dakota: EDM

42. Tennessee: Bass

43. Texas: Hip Hop

44. Utah: Psychedelic

45. Vermont: Classic Rock

46. Virginia: Hip Hop

47. Washington: Electronica

48. West Virginia: Rock

49. Wisconsin: Chillout

50. Wyoming: Electro Swing

Washington DC: Bass

Most common language spoken in each state other than English or Spanish in 2014

Image Source: based on US Census American Community Survey

Most distinctive last names by state

Image Source: based on Social Security Admin. data originally posted on Mental Floss

Countries that are equivalent to US State economies (2015)

Image Source: from

Most popular fast food chain in each state (2017)

Image Source:

If you want to add more, please do!
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