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Originally Posted by wrightchr
Dave, did you think this was true when you were going there? It seems to me that all the suburban kids will be going to the new school and the mostly urban areas will feed into East. I think I would have preferred the three high school option...which would have really broken things up and not developed these freakin EDUCATIONAL PARKS that make kids numbers and not real students.
Oh it's definitely true. The funny thing is if I was still in HS, I would be going to East now, even though I am MUCH closer to the new school. Yet the neighborhood right over the hill from me will be at the new school. My neighborhood is mostly lower/middle middle-class and the one over the hill from me is upper-class. Hmmm...funny, isn't it?

Did you know that the NAACP got involved last year when the district was drawing the new lines? A group of parents noticed that kids with higher test scores were going to the new school and kids with the lower scores were going to East, even though the same kids once went to the opposite school. Needless to say, the district was forced to make some changes.

I too think a 3rd HS would've been a better option. I don't like the fact that you will now have kids coming from an urban and semi-urban environment and putting them in a more rural setting. At CD we could walk to a lot of things and you felt like you were part of the whole in the community; it's location kept you connected. Many of us came from the dense neighborhoods in the Colonial Park area. Now you want to put these same kids on the busy intersection that is Linglestown/Piketown Rd.? Doens't make much sense to me....

I also think they should have demolished the current CD HS and rebuilt on that spot. Why not? We all know that building is in shambles, and it will have to be done somtime.

On a side note...I would be happy to join you in the crusade to run the Patriot-News out of business by starting our own brand
Oh I don't want to run them out of business, I just want to give them some friendly (yet fierce) competition.

Originally Posted by shakman

How is that new office tower coming along? Any pics of construction?

How about the other proposals and construction in Downtown?
I took some pics weeks ago of the construction, and I am going to be doing a progress thread on it soon. In the meantime, take a look at mrherodotus' thread in City Photos. You can see some of the progress in a few of them:

As for other projects, there is quite a bit going on. As things would develop I would post the info. on here, so run a search and see what is still out there. But from now on this thread will be your best resource so check back often.
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