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VERY happy to see these improvements...


City of Harrisburg

King City Government Center
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1678
Telephone: 717.255.3040


21 May 2004


Harrisburg, PA—Mayor Stephen R. Reed today announced that additional intersections now have new traffic signals to handle increased traffic volume more safely. New signal lights have now been installed at Cameron and Calder Streets, Fifth and Walnut Streets, and at S. 19th and Sycamore Streets. Work also continues on the new intersection being created at 21st Street at State and Walnut Streets, which also includes new traffic signals when it is completed in late Summer. It is the first time any of these intersections have ever had signals.

Reed said the new lights are either fully operational or have been placed in flashing yellow in readiness for permanent use. The new lights are part of a larger effort commissioned by the Mayor to add or replace signals at 36 city intersections. The comprehensive signalization project involves not only new signals but also the replacement of older incandescent bulbs in existing signals with new LED signal heads, which shine brighter, require less electrical energy to operate, and last more than five times as long as older bulbs. The new lights will save an average of nearly $100,000 a year in energy savings once the project is fully completed.

The Mayor said the project also includes the installation of new flashing warning signs around various city public schools.

Reed said work on the Cameron and Calder Streets intersection, created in part because of heavier rush hour traffic congestion from nearby industrial and commercial facilities, was designed by Gannett-Fleming through PennDOT, with Herr Signal and Lighting providing the installation at a cost of approximately $100,000.

The 5th and Walnut Streets signal was also designed by Gannett Fleming with the work conducted by Carr and Duff, at a cost of $105,000.

The S. 19th and Sycamore work was done by Gannett Fleming and installed by Wyoming Electric and Signal, at a price of approximately $100,000.

Work is also well underway on the complete reconfiguration of the intersection at 21st and Walnut/State Streets to provide better access to Reservoir Park and its many facilities. New traffic signals at the intersection will also become operational later this summer. Design work on the new intersection was provided by Melham Associates, PC, and construction work is being conducted by Rogele Inc. at a project cost of $495,000. The traffic signals were designed for PennDOT by Grove Miller Engineering, Inc., and are being installed by Wyoming Electric and Signal at a cost of $121,000.

Reed said future work will include the resignalization of five intersections on Maclay Street, from Front to 6th Streets; three intersections on 13th Street from Walnut to Sycamore Streets, five intersections on 6th Street from Verbeke to Division Streets, six intersections on 17th Street from Herr to Brookwood Streets, and four intersections on Market Street from 13th to 25th Streets.

In the past two years, new traffic signals have been placed at the main entrance to the Kline Plaza shopping center, on Pine Street at Front and Second Streets, and on Locust Street at 2nd and 3rd Streets. Further, two intersections on Derry Street, at 13th and 17th Streets, have had upgraded signals to allow for turning lanes due to higher traffic volume.

Reed said that there will be new traffic signals at 36 intersections when all work is completed, providing far greater efficiency in traffic movement that will save fuel costs and time, while enhancing traffic safety.

The Mayor said federal funds have been earmarked to cover the costs of design, equipment and installation for the program, which has received approval from PennDOT and the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study Group. The city is administering the design and related work.

Following a competitive proposal process, the firm of Herbert Rowland and Grubic has been designated to do the extensive design and planning work for these additional intersections under a design contract for $549,632.

Separately, in connection with the upcoming widening of N. 7th Street from Reily to Maclay Streets, taking the major corridor from two to four lanes, new traffic signals will be installed on N. 7th Street at Reily and Maclay Streets.
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