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Originally Posted by Dengler Avenue View Post
Seriously though, alternative 4? That's like giving commuters from Martensville and Warman a big middle finger. Just because we will have a ring road, it doesn't mean we can now revert the roads leading in and out of the city back to 2 lanes. If anything, we need to have an overpass over 71st Street then an interchange with Marquis Drive. The same applies to Highway 16 west as well.
The way they're so heavily weighting the Wanuskewin Rd. connection is really baffling--what was it, 52% of traffic flows that way? So lets just ignore the other 48% that doesn't? I don't get the desire to pair down the Idylwyld 4-lane connections to 2-lanes either--besides destroying the Highway 11 traffic flow, everyone coming into/out of the city on the #12 (which there is already a lot of and would only be more by the time this thing is build, if ever) no longer will with the freeway in place or something? It would go from a 4-lane highway to a 2-lane overpass to a 4-lane freeway...
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