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My first Draw (Why hasn't been accepted?)

Hello everybody
Im a old user on skyscraperpage (i'm mexican), since 2009, and this is my first draw-diagram, a recently building in my city (Mérida).
I took three images of their construction and drew it in Autocad in correct scale (1m:1m), next painted it in photoshop and added some effects, like reflections in windows, shadows and some corrections in enviorement lights, saved the draw in PNG with transparent background and i exported it to Illustrator to scale the final draw with the parameters of Skyscraperpage (1 pixel per 1 meter).

Real photos:

First draw in autocad:

The photoshop draw

And scaled draw to Skyscraperpage:

And now, i wanna see your opinion. I saw several post to how draw and some was good and others some confusing.
I want to know why my drawing has not yet been accepted to skyscraperpage diagram (and from my city same)
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