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Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
As long as we're on the subject of noirish drinks, I vote for whatever someone's buying, and plenty of it.
Yes. That is the true essence of the matter. No need to put a finer point on it!

Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
That being said, my favorite watering hole, on Third just this side of Flower, serves Hamms and Lucky Lager.
Now you're in my wheelhouse. Hamm's and especially Lucky were big hereabouts when I first started learning what beer tasted like. I was too late to the rodeo to experience the distinctive joys of Oly and Brew 102, alas.

Lucky was the main indulgence of my circle in those early days. The rebus in the cap was the crucial element. Once I couldn't solve it, I knew it was time to stop drinking.

I recall with special affection the occasional availability of Lucky Bock. The popular story was that it was produced whenever the brewery cleaned out its equipment. Based upon its unforgettably assertive character, that was a manifestly plausible story. My circle held the experience of drinking it a cleansing experience in itself.
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