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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
Would love to have some more photos of that area from a further back perspective.
Belatedly returning to the subject of vanished Brunswick Street, here is a colour (or colourized) view of the Brunswick Street/Cogswell Street intersection.

The photo is undated, but I would judge it to be late 40s, based on the tired condition of tram 154. Someone more expert than I may be able to identify the auto in the foreground, but I believe it to be a post-war model Chevy Fleetline.

This is looking north on Brunswick, the photographer standing roughly in front of where the new Homewood Suites hotel would stand. You can clearly see the track curve from Cogswell Street where tram 136 jumped the rails in 1945, crashing into the cafe just to the left of the Canadian Tire store.

Compare this with the 1959 Herald view that JET shared. The tram tracks are gone of course, and the single overhead wire is replaced by the two-line trolleycoach overhead. The space occupied by the Canadian Tire store has been replaced by a clothing store by 1959.

The photo appears on the cover of Cunningham and Artz' book (Nimbus, 2009) on Halifax's street railways.

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