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Originally Posted by JET View Post
Also interesting to read about Buckley's Pharmacy, same Buckley's family as the cough syrup.
That is interesting! I was wondering that very thing when I was looking at the pic.

For further interest's sake, I took the map from Halifax History's page and overlayed it to Google Map's satellite image:!3m1!1e3

This brought me to the realization on how much was actually lost due to urban renewal/Cogswell/Scotia Square. Quite astounding if you think about it. It's hard to picture in today's context, in terms of the scope of the project and the people it would displace, to just wipe out a neighborhood or two and replace it with something else. Even Stephenson's report of '57 indicated that there were some nice, well-kept buildings interspersed with the "slums" - an indication of just one of the many flaws in their thinking of the time.

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