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Originally Posted by ns_kid View Post
Here's the photo, from Don Cunningham and Don Artz' wonderful book, The Halifax Street Railway: 1866-1949 (Nimbus, 2009). NSLP tram 136 (route 5, Armdale-Railway Station) lost power on Cogswell at North Park and rolled the six blocks to Brunswick, where it jumped the track and crashed into the Boston Cafe. The date was July 22, 1945. The location is the east side of the Cogswell/Brunswick intersection, where Cogswell now continues down to the interchange.

Wow, that's quite a photo! One sometimes forgets the hazards of operating rail on hills like Halifax's. Would love to have some more photos of that area from a further back perspective.

That said, there are probably some aerials that might give a good overview.

Very interesting!
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