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OllyRogers, you inspired me

Update! I finally was able to install the jetways while carassing my computer enough that it wouldn't go apeshit and crash on me! This is a new jetway design which I spent about 7 hours altogether building. It's vastly superior to my last one in detail, but it also requires that I hand-detail each and every gate for it to look realistic. However, I think the results look a lot better (and just wait until shadows and Kerky renders are applied).

I've got a new computer ordered, which I'm going to assemble myself. It is such a quantum leap over what I'm currently using right now (a 5 year old laptop with a broken monitor...yeeeahhh) that when it comes, hopefully we'll see more updates. I've found that I'm incredibly eager to work on it, but these stupid error reports that always come up because what I'm doing is so computer intensive, if I could just eliminate that problem updates will come fast and furious.
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