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Originally Posted by flamesrule View Post
So just RIGHT NOW how many people are in the city?Also since you compiled them altogether may yuo post a overhead of the city?
Oh, we'll say that the 2009 local estimates peg the metro population at 844,239 (City population is 383,599).

I'm keeping my word, I haven't given up on ya yet Pierpont! I've been silently working on the city just a tad. I've redesigned the airport...yet again...because if you really knew me, you'd know that I can never be happy leaving things as they are.

Welcome to Greater Pierpont Intl. Airport! Jetways will be installed soonly and then I'll put some airplanes in and then we'll see some Kerkythea action, baby! Currently working on main terminal and parking garages as well...the concourse you see here is connected to the terminal via underground tunnel (I'll post maps and background info soonly as well).

I've gotten back in the swing of 3D modeling.
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