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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
In terms of permanent settlement, Sherbrooke and Gatineau (formerly Hull) are the two youngest major cities in Quebec, having become settlements/founded around 1800. Both were founded by Loyalists from the United States.

The other major cities in Quebec were generally settlements in the 1600s. This includes Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and even Chicoutimi which had a mission settlement in the 1600 in spite of its relative isolation in central Quebec.

Quebec also has quite a few small towns and villages founded or settled in the 1600s.
Abitibi is really incredibly young. Shockingly so when you realize it.

My maternal grandpa temporarily worked there as a young adult in the 1920s. He could have witnessed the founding of Rouyn, Noranda and Val-d'Or.

My still living paternal grandpa is older than Abitibi's largest city.
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