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Originally Posted by Blitzen View Post
I’m glad progress is FINALLY being made. One thing that strikes me as a problem is the blocks between Tchoup and Conventions Center Blvd are too big. They should restore S. Peters Street fully too, otherwise it will be unwalkable and too sprawled.
That was my first thought as well. Even if they didn't want to build a full street (which probably would be difficult anyway with the offramp), a pedestrian/bike "greenway" cutting through the parking lot and at least block C would make the area much more attractive. It looks like they may have already considered breaking up the parcel west of Tchoupitoulas with an extension of Henderson and a new street connecting Euterpe and Melpomene which would improve the walkability tremendously.

I'm curious about the "proposed entertainment venue." That seems too small to be something like Topgolf. I keep hoping for something like a Cirque du Soleil to diversify the city's tourism offerings. Seems like they have something in mind though.

Doesn't see like they are very focused on riverfront development. I always thought that should be a key part of the overall plan. A large riverfront park/amphitheater/festival grounds would go a long way towards making the area a destination which will be the big challenge
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