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Originally Posted by Jdawgboy View Post
I just hope the final designs are anything but rectangles and squares. We have more than enough of that now. Hopefully they are just generalized place holders because they look exactly like some of the buildings going up.
They're just stacking plans. I counted 32 levels on one of them, and the other seems to about the same. Considering these are office space that'll make it close to 500 feet.

Originally Posted by Dcbrickley View Post
This development is so unexpected. I so hope it happens. What a horrible space. I just hope that people don't come out of the woodwork to save "the place where my Grandfather was born".

I hope it is designed well, but truthfully ANYTHING is better that was is there now.

Are there local forces that don't want this to happen? Other than market forces, what could keep this from fruition?
I can't imagine anyone wanting to save Brackenridge. It's not historic. The main tower is from the mid-70s, and the children's hospital is from the mid-80s. The real old Brackenridge Hospital building is long gone. It was demolished in 1983. My brother was one of the last babies born in that building. My sister was born at the current Brackenridge tower, though. I was born in San Antonio. I can't say I'll be sorry to see Brackenridge go. My grandfather died there and my dad was treated there for cancer.
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